What is SEO? | The Key to Driving Free Leads & Sales to Your Business

What is SEO?

Ok, so you’ve heard of SEO and how vital it is for your business to be on top of these days, but what is it?

SEO is an abbreviation of the word Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the act of getting your website/web pages up the rankings of particular search engines.

This is a huge benefit, because good SEO brings traffic, leads and sales into your business on a regular reoccurring basis FOR FREE, and once you start ranking, its really not that hard to keep on top of.

3 Most Popular Search Engines

Google is the UK’s most well known search engine.
Google is the 1st most popular search engine in the UK, boasting a huge 92.65% of the market share.

2) Microsoft Bing  (https://www.bing.com/)

Microsoft Bing comes in at the 2nd most popular search engine in the UK, with 4.83% of the market share.

Yahoo comes in at the 3rd most popular search engine in the UK, with 1.21% of the market share.

What is the aim of SEO?

Now, you know what SEO means, but what are you trying to achieve, well..

The aim of SEO is to drive traffic to your site. It is important to plan your approach in order to ensure the best results for your business.

It is vital to get your strategy right, important things to consider when you are deciding on your SEO strategy are:

Target audience

It is important to rank for the key words in your industry, making sure you hit your target audience, this is the reason that it is vital to research key words, phrases, and terminology that your target audience is searching for (this is also useful when researching your target audience to drive paid traffic, such as google ads and facebook ads.)

Quality of traffic

Good quality traffic is ideal when looking to rank high for search terms. For example, ranking for terms such as “equipment for hire” is much better for a rental company than ranking for “information on equipment”

Customers who are pre-qualified as ready to buy/rent/use the service often convert higher

Traffic volume

The more high quality visitors you can drive to your site the better, it is important to research your market industry’s most frequently searched terms and how often each of these popular search terms are searched per month. You can then optimise your content to include these terms.

Tools on sites like AHREFS and UBERSUGGEST are good to see search volume for terms, they will also give you keyword suggestions, however, these sites will charge you to use these tools, if you do not want to fork out then any local SEO company should have access to a keyword information tool.

Retargeting Strategy

Once you are driving high volumes of people into your site. It is important to consider a retargeting strategy, don’t expect all your customers to buy the first time they visit the site. It is important to build trust, give value and allow potential clients to get familiar with your brand.